After back surgery in my teens, I was constantly being told by healthcare providers to 'stay strong', but was never given any direction on how to achieve this. Even doing the simplest of activities, I could hurt myself. I ended up in the hospital more than once after a workout.

After 11 years of practicing Pilates while living all over the world, I decided to become a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor to learn more about this practice that had changed my life. After working at numerous studios in Austin, I opened my own referral-based practice and have grown my business working with private clientele. Some of my clients have been with me for five years (and counting) and I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to help them.


600 hour Comprehensive Peak Pilates Classical Training
Advanced certifications in fascia release and Pilates for neurological disorders
Accredited certification with National Pilates Program (formerly Pilates Method Alliance)

When Alana told me she would be opening her own studio, I was so excited! I had always dreamed of bringing joy to people as they strengthen their bodies; my true calling is an emotional support dog. I love sitting in the studio and watching to make sure Alana performs her job well. Alana is a great teacher, but I know her clients are really coming here to see me!

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